People in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones. But some usurping representatives pay no heed. War crimes and crimes against humanity are not some god given right! FFS! Ridiculous propoganda campaigns are fooling no-one here.

I happened to be outside skywatching and having seen what appeared to be satellite activity and then missiles crossing UK airspace toward North and NorthWest of my yard at some distance away around afternoon teatime (5:20pm-ish, BST) had gone into the front yard and found a solitary stone on the pavement outside my gate, the dried leaf on my garden path struck me as so similar in colour to that found pebble and the gatepost made a fine stone-studded plinth for a quick snap toward the prompt. Afterwards, later reports of earthquakes in Southern Mexico and hopefully not mass fatalities or casualties  and of course hurricanes and so-called ‘extreme weather’ and ‘freak weather’ still rages in parts of the world.

DTrumpUS! What a bullying twot! Putting it politely of course and apologies to American citizens for what might seem apparent lack of respect for your continent/countrymen/women. But DT points the finger and levies accusations at others while it seems his own rogue military and rogue administration and AmericanIS (ie. ‘intelligence’ services) inflict terrorist atrocities against civilian populations as a means of enforcing protection racket type payments from foreign governments around the world. Crazy times.

No such things as ‘a free country’ but DT will never have any authority in Britain and he’s making such a clown of the US people first and foremost while his priorities seem centred around annihilating whole areas. We might not be getting full news coverage, even for our own country, but DT’s military actions are certainly not authorised by the British government as there have been no announcements and there surely would be. Whatever else we might complain about, our political establishment has been committed to openness, transparency and accountability for a very long time now. Guessing plenty of other international territories/populations are in a similar position – or worse still are now devastated by his atrocities. His UN speech yesterday was completely unbelievable – how can anyone offer that man any benefit of doubt when he asserts such irrational unjustifiable aggressions? Distraction attempts and propoganda campaigns are hopefully failing.

I dunno, maybe it (the warmongering) was really all those supposed bad guys from all those other places in the world that DT is forever throwing accusations at. Doesn’t look as if a strong probablility or likelihood though!

Roll on a POST-Trump era free of his and his allies totalitarian dictatorship, free of capitalist religious extremism, free of religious hatred as proliferated by his nightmare brand of ‘American Dream’ etc etc and all the etceteras.

I’ve spoilt my nice tidy space with my rant now. Never mind.

Not meaning to seem anti-America – that man, his administration and his politics seem totally alien to anything I’d ever have previously associated with American society, politics or culture. Hopefully the news outlets will get more real soon and stop aiding all those things they purport to be resisting. Hopefully all people affected by recent and ongoing natural and man-made disasters will have the capability and assistance toward recovery. We can but Hope.


Late again, yest20day, Tuesday’s photo challenge -Stones

One Liner Wednesday for the ‘Cheating’ prompt

Cheating zero chi t’ing need a pic to make a start so I’ll jump into a fountain and thump one good fist against my heart and make the fooka pump the bright red blood that blues my veins and here’s hopping off to jolly up and live life well again!


I’m unable to complete forms for blog security advice and have had breeches of my own blogs happen last year having filled in such tight blog-commenting form-filling whatnots. apols for not explaining that well. No worries I can take part and leave feedback via SocialMedia when I trawl round for a look at other challenge participant posts and maybe hitting the like button will work again but often doesn’t although google seems to register the click even when the like doesn’t display.

One-Liner Wednesday – Cheating?

Disobey [prompt]

Disbelief dismal array, depraved diabolical deluge affrayed and

fretting neither here nor there while cloud forms swiftly disappear;

all soon blows over, crises past and soon reminds life’s NOT a Blast!

Aghast abysmal recollects regather faith deny regressed renounced and

undermined stitched UP in Thyme saves Nine Lives. Nein!

Dis obedience? Mere disobey and all look forward to our brighter days.

Altogether, one, two, three by NO means NO Supremacy!!!